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Bedeviled Eggs

Bake a batch of bats and cats

Spooky Tips and Treats from Everyday Food Magazine

Beware! The witching hour approaches. Ghouls and goblins are gathering. Black cats and black bats stalk the dark corners.

But there’s no need to fear… you’ll be prepared for fiendish festivities and hungry hordes with a few great tricks (and treats!) from the team at Everyday Food magazine.

Scare up some spooky snacks
These black-and-orange pairings are bewitching bites for a party yet simple enough for after school:

  • Blue corn chips & red pepper hummus
  • Orange bell peppers & black olive tapenade
  • Dried apricots & dark chocolate

Make the most of a Halloween haul
Put chocolate pieces and roughly chopped candy bars on vanilla ice cream, mix into pancake batter, or try the Shortbread Candy Bars on marthastewart.com.

Halloween Blondies: Chocolate-covered candies in Halloween colors add a festive and fun touch to basic blondies. Get the young ones involved in the Halloween fun. Let them sort the chocolate candies by color and arrange them on top of the dough.

Licorice Spider

Craft a Licorice Spider for Creepy Cocktails.

Create a licorice spider

  • Loop a 36 inch-long black licorice lace around three fingers four times.
  • Remove fingers and wrap long end of lace around middle of bundle three times. Tuck loose end under last wrap and pull through to secure.
  • Cut through the ends of the bundle to create dangling legs on each side.

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