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Now Android users can download our mobile app and shop on-the-go!

New Android App Delivers Convenience

Now busy parents can stock up their home refrigerators using the new FreshDirect Android app from just about anywhere, just like users of FreshDirect’s iPhone app. And when we say anywhere; we mean just about  everywhere.

“We took a dolphin watch boat ride in the Galveston harbor (Texas) when I realized I’d be returning home the next day and forgot to order my groceries. The app worked great (even on a boat) and I had everything delivered a few hours after I returned home to New York,” says Kim, a Williamsburg resident.

Kim says she uses her phone app pretty consistently. “I will start my order on a computer and add things as I realize I need them. It’s nice, because I don’t have to write it down, and then add it to my list when I get home. I rarely forget to order anything because of the app,” she says.

Aimee, a busy mom with a full-house also relies on FreshDirect’s mobile app to get through the week. “I live in Manhattan and I have three kids and have a full-time job. We can’t possibly carry groceries home for the week, so we need to have them delivered. The app is incredibly convenient,” she says. “It is super user-friendly and is just like the web version, so there was no learning curve!”

The new Android app also lets shoppers order from previous orders, choose from early-morning to late-night delivery time slots, and contact customer service – on-the-go.

“We are continually looking for ways in which we can offer busy moms shopping solutions that fit within their busy lives and budgets,” explains Ruchi Desai, Sr. Director of User Experience at FreshDirect. “Our Android app provides easy access to all their past orders, shopping lists and their favorites so they can stock up during their commute, while on the playground, or from just about anywhere else.”

Download our iPhone and Android mobile apps here.

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