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Apples are a healthy substitute for ingredients in dishes like pancakes and omelets.

Apple Juice in Your Pancakes?

Did you know there are plenty of places you can use apples, apple juice and apple sauce instead of other ingredients?

From pancakes to baked goods, apples and apple-related products have been used to replace fattier ingredients without sacrificing taste.

Pancake batter is a perfect example of a classic milk-for-apples swap. Dairy sufferers have long been in on this trick – instead of adding milk (or water) to pancakes, they replace it with apple juice. Since milk is often used to add moisture, apple juice is a suitable substitute that won’t alter the taste much.

Applesauce is another apple product that can be substituted for oil with oil-based baked goods, like when you’re making quick breads, muffins and some cakes. While some people do switch butter for applesauce it’s not recommended, as you’ll end up with a flat and gooey mess.  Need a recipe? Check out these one-click recipes using/making applesauce!

Chopped apples with almonds and other ingredients can make for a great turkey stuffing. If you’re making a Spanish Omelet, also known as a “Tortilla de Patata” or “Tortilla Española” you can swap potatoes with cooked apple bits.

Imagination is the limit when it comes to apples. Tart or sweet or tangy, big on water and loaded with natural sugars, apples can be used in their many different forms in multiple ways. If you’re unsure, just grab a whole apple as a snack or slice it up, dip it in peanut butter or pair with cheddar cheese.

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