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Heritage Chicken

Heritage Chicken is the perfect ingredient for roast chicken recipes!

5 Heritage Chicken Recipes to Enjoy with the Family

Over here in the FreshDirect offices, there’s much ado about Heritage Chicken and the truth is — every word is true.

We’ve grown fond of the Weaver family, who raise these chickens on their family farm in nearby PA.

I’ve also learned that there’s a reason Heritage Chicken, aka Pollo Buono, is so hard to find. It’s a rare bird and it’s absolutely delicious. Here are some ideas on how to prepare this Heritage Chicken at home to share with your family.

A rotisserie chicken or a chicken Parmesan panini are good, but swap your chicken breast for a juicy Pollo Buono chicken breast and you have yourself a mini feast. Forget sharing.

Originally raised on family farms in Italy, these particular chickens are now slow-grown to produce superior texture and flavor in small family farms in Pennsylvania. They’re also raised humanely and without antibiotics on an all-vegetable diet and have a thin skin that’s ideal for crisping.

5 of our other favorite ways to prepare Pollo Buono include:

If you’d rather concentrate on the chicken – leave the sides to us. Whether it’s our Almost Perfect Mashed Potatoes or Sauteed Spinach with Garlic, FreshDirect has more than a dozen Sides in a Snap to make any meal easy and delicious.

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