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My Top 10 List: Shopping for Health at FreshDirect

Happy September! It’s a time when we go back to school, back to work and back to health! FreshDirect delivers high quality food that is fresh and affordable for you and your family, which helps make the healthy choice the easy choice. Here are my 10 best recommendations for shopping for health.

1. Healthy Living for Less is my hand-picked selection of better-for-you foods that come with some healthy savings. Look for it within the What’s Good department. It changes every 2 weeks.

2. Under 500 Calorie 4-Minute Meals are portion-controlled well-balanced meals that I helped develop by working closely with FreshDirect’s team of expert chefs. All of these freshly-prepared delicious entrees are under 500 calories and lower in fat and sodium.

3. Nutritionist’s Choice on President’s Picks, FreshDirect’s weekly savings program, is where you’ll find my hand-selected choice to help customers eat healthy on a budget.

4. Nutrition Sort is available in our Grocery, Frozen, and Dairy departments to help you make smart choices when comparing products like breakfast cereals, canned soups or snack foods, to name a few.

5. One-Click Recipes from Everyday Food®, Real Simple®, the American Cancer Society and more, come complete with a shopping list so you can add all the items for the recipe of your choice to your cart in one easy click.

6. Great Right Now Produce and Great Right Now Seafood are sections housed within the What’s Good department that highlight top-rated items based on daily quality ratings by our in-house produce and seafood experts. This is one of my first stops when I shop for my family. Now there are sustainability ratings on seafood, too!

7. Special Sections throughout the Store highlight healthier choices. Some examples are Lean Meats, Lower Sodium Deli, Lower-Mercury Seafood, Whole Grain and High Fiber Pasta, Light & Soy Cheese and more.

8. The FreshDirect Kitchen has a lot of great choices that make it easy to eat right at school, work, or at home for family dinners. Find green salads, vegetable sides, and rotisserie chicken in our Heat & Eat department, and cut vegetables in steam-bags, stir-fry kits, and of course, our 4-Minute Meals in the Ready to Cook department.

9. Quickshop helps you shop from previous orders, which helps you save time and money and limits impulse-buys to keep your healthy lifestyle – and your budget – on track.

10. Our Organic and Local Departments offer plenty of choices that are good for you, but also good for your community and the planet for years to come.

For more of my food tips (all with great savings!), check out my Healthy Living for Less section.

What’s your favorite section on the site? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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