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Drink water during your workouts to keep yourself alert and hydrated.

Water + Exercise = Happy Bodies

If you’ve ever felt sluggish, tired, hungry or distracted, you might just be dehydrated. As you can imagine, working out in the summer heat dehydrates the body even more quickly.

Plus, dehydration lowers performance. Since working out feels great and comes with so many benefits, it’s important to find ways to stay hydrated and be active.

We all know that exercise is good for us, but a reminder of just how good it is couldn’t hurt. In a nutshell, here are a few things exercise can help you do:
• Lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
• Improve heart health by boosting good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering triglycerides (TG)
• Get into a good mood by tickling those brain chemicals leave you feeling happier and relaxed
• Boost energy and endurance
• Get more out of your food. Exercise increases circulating oxygen so that nutrients can be delivered more efficiently throughout the body
• Fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper rest (just don’t work out too close to bed time or the “boosting energy” part may outweigh the “better rest” effects)

If you’re working out for an hour or less, choose water as your hydrating beverage of choice. No need to drink your calories for a daily half-hour jog. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend 20-30 minutes a day.

If your workouts run longer than an hour, sports drinks are more appropriate. You may want to drink a sports drink in the 120-240 calorie range for every hour of exercise in order to keep your body fueled and hydrated for those longer workouts.

The bottom line: Water is the best bet for most moderate exercisers. Here’s where to find it:

Water, Water, Everywhere
• If you prefer imported sparkling water, and appreciate a price break, check out our affordable options.
• We have a wider selection of bottled still and sparkling waters.
• If you prefer to filter your own at home, you may be interested in Brita filters
• And last but not least, we’re fortunate in the NYC-area to have world-renowned drinking water. In NYC alone, the Department of Environmental Protection performs more than 900 tests daily, 27,000 monthly, and 330,000 on an annual basis from up to 1,000 sampling locations.

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