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Mint Julep

Mint Julep

5 Cool & Soothing Summer Drinks

Our open letter to the summer heat wave from the blog team at FreshDirect.

Dear Summer Heat Wave,

We fought valiantly, but now we’re ready to surrender.

After so many days of sweltering streets, stifling subway platforms and sizzling sidewalks, we’d throw in the towel, but we really need it to wipe the sweat from our brows.

Heat Wave, can we interest you in sitting down to discuss a little clemency over a cool, refreshing drink? We’ve plucked out five rejuvenating summer drink options from our One-Click Recipe collection that sound like exactly what we need right about now. (See below.)

Please consider giving pleasant temperatures and reasonable humidity a chance. What do you say?

With All Due Respect,
The Very Humble Blogging Team at FreshDirect

PS: Please feel free to stop by in January if you want to visit for a week or so.

5 of our Favorite Summer Drink Recipes:

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