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Family Road Trip Snack Tips

Cut Vegetables and Dip

School’s out, summer’s here and the open road awaits. For thousands of families, that can mean only one thing: ROAD TRIP!

So many of my friends are new parents, and they’re always looking for ways to feed and entertain their kids on the road.

So I asked a few moms, “In addition to hand wipes and sunscreen, what else should be packed on a family road trip?” Here are some of my favorite tips:

Keep it Small and Simple:

  • Shannon Tate-Giordano has a 5-year-old daughter and she loves putting peanut butter or hummus into a little container and placing it in the cup holder next to the car seat. The peanut butter or hummus are great as dips for a variety of cut fruits (like apples) and vegetables (like carrot and celery sticks).
  • Yonni Wattenmaker puts individual servings of microwave popcorn into bags for her son. While the popcorn’s hot, she sprinkles on some grated Parmesan cheese. Not only is this snack tasty, but it’s very affordable too!
  • For time-strapped parents, FreshDirect has done the work for you with a number of ready-made snacks. Our Little Dippers of hummus and veggies are already individually packed and our snack packs are perfect treats for the road.

Make it Fun:

  • Colorful fruits like seedless grapes and seasonal berries just need to be rinsed, dried and placed into small containers to be enjoyed.
  • Have your kids choose their favorite cereal and add dried fruit, nuts, pretzels, etc into their own individual bag to make their own trail mix.
  • Shannon also suggests fun, healthy snacks like these sweet potato chips while Yonni likes this hummus with pretzel sticks for kids who are fussy about vegetables.

Stay Safe:

My parents would always freeze bottled water and juice boxes for the cooler. Not only did they stay cooler longer, but they also kept other foods (like fruits, cheeses, and sandwiches) nice and cool without making a mess.

What are your snack tips for a successful road trip? Share your tips on the FreshDirect Twitter and Facebook pages!

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