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Pat LaFrieda's Original Beef Hamburger

Pat LaFrieda's Original Beef Hamburger

Juicy Burger Tips from Pat LaFrieda

Where do you find the richest, juiciest, meatiest burgers in New York City?

Those in the know seek out Pat LaFrieda & Son, where they’ve been cutting and grinding top-quality meats for more than 90 years.

We wanted burger tips from the best in the business, so we tracked down Pat LaFrieda himself to learn about his approach.

The team at LaFrieda takes extra care in sourcing and selecting the cuts of beef that go into their burgers, they processes the whole-muscle meat in small batches and they use a low-pressure chopping machine to preserve the meat’s coarse texture.

All this extra attention to detail makes LaFrieda burgers the rich, meaty patties that many judge to be the best in town (…and thanks to an exclusive partnership with FreshDirect, you can have Pat LaFrieda burgers and ground beef delivered to your door!)

FreshDirect: As a professional in the meat business, you probably spend your day surrounded by burgers. Do you still make them at home?

Pat LaFrieda: “Of course. Hamburgers are America’s comfort food and I am all Red, White and Blue”

FD: Do you consider yourself a burger purist, or do you believe in using toppings?

PL: “I do believe in toppings, but simple ones… ones that don’t overpower the flavor of the meat.”

FD: You’ve stated that you believe in cooking burgers very rare with a 77/23 meat/fat blend, but what else makes your ideal burger insofar as the style of bun and accompaniments?

PL: “My favorite burger is on a potato roll with American cheese, baby arugula, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a touch of mayo.”

FD: Do you prefer using the grill, the broiler or the griddle, and why?

PL: “I prefer the grill, but only at high temperatures. I won’t let my meat touch the grill until it’s at least 425 degrees so I get the sear I’m looking for.”

FD: When faced with a really good burger, what mistakes do home cooks commit most often?

PL: “I feel that the biggest mistake people make is over-cooking or pre-cooking burgers. High heat, short cooking time and you’re golden.”

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