JUNE 1, 2011


Erica's Baking Triumph

Erica's Baking Triumph

Of all my various food fears, there’s one that I thought I’d never conquer: baking.

In my entire life, I have baked one cake — and it was from a mix. All I’ve ever heard from baking friends is that it’s easy. Easy, that is, unless you mess up one tiny measurement. Then a cupcake explodes in your oven and you cry.

Another reason I stayed away was that I’m not a sweets person. Give me a handful of potato chips over a piece of cake any day.

But when I do find a dessert I like, I tend to love it passionately. Tiramisu. The custard at Shake Shack. And recently, it was the banana chocolate chip muffins at a cafe near my apartment. (More…)

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