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My Survival Kit for New Parents

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of meeting our close friends’ newborn. The new parents were glowing and proud, but also exhausted, a little delirious, and largely housebound (heavily nesting, by choice).

In a surge of maternal feelings of my own, I very much wanted to take care of our friends and help them navigate their way in taking care of their newborn son.

They had more than enough to handle at home with the newborn, mom recovering, nonna staying in the spare room, and a regular stream of well-wishers visiting, so I crafted a special FreshDirect delivery of my favorite foods custom-picked for them.

Here’s what I came up with:

Fuss-Free Foods. I picked a round-up of freshly-prepared 4-Minute Meals, including seafood options for omega-3s (especially for breast-feeding mom), some of our nutritionally balanced Smart & Simple meals, as well as a few comfort food favorites like Terrence Brennan’s Beef Bourguignon and Presto Italiano Parmesan Meatballs w/ Mezzi Rigatoni.

I also tossed in some of our chef’s new Frozen Entrées (like the Seafood Risotto), so they’d have some options on hand for next week, too. Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to be beneficial at various stages of the life-cycle. Among women, high fish intakes resulted in as higher levels of DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) in breast milk.

Natural Electrolytes and Hydration. Great for everyone, but again, especially with breast-feeding mom in mind again, I sent over a case of Zico Natural Coconut Water to help mom stay hydrated. The Ceres juices are a great option, too.

Fruits and Veggies. I picked a selection of delicious top-rated produce that would be easy to eat (mostly the rinse-and-enjoy kind), and ended up selecting blueberries, Pink lady apples, strawberries, grape tomatoes, Asian pears and avocados.

Treats. Everyone loves a treat every once in awhile, including this nutritionist! If treats are to be had — they should be delicious and worth it! Some of the staff’s favorite indulgences include our almond croissants (which heat up in 8-10 minutes at home), our handcrafted dark chocolate crisps and our all-natural honey pecan sticky buns.

For another perspective, I asked new mom and FreshDirect Merchandising Director Emma Fuerst-Frelinghuysen for her new-parent must-haves.

She mentioned something that hadn’t occurred to me: easy options to have on hand for guests — because new parents get a lot of them!

Cheese. She recommends perusing resident cheese-expert Ken Blanchette’s New and Notable Cheese section. She likes to pick three options — a soft, a blue and a hard cheese.

Crackers. To go with the cheese! Some of my favorites are 34 Degrees crispbreads and Carr’s crackers are always a classic choice.

Nuts. So easy to serve up! My favorites, as a nutritionist, are almonds, walnuts and pistachios. They contain a good dose of the good-for-you poly- and mono-unsaturated fats.

Spreads. In addition to cheeses, some smart, easy spreads to have around are hummus or simply peanut butter or almond butter.

Do you know a must-have item you’d recommend for new parents? Let us know at the FreshDirect Facebook page!


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