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Terrance Brennan Fettuccini w/ Shrimp, Tomato Confit & Creamy Pesto

Terrance Brennan Fettuccini w/ Shrimp

Master of the Microwave!

Back when I was a picky eater, I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about not eating enough vegetables.

I knew they were good for me, and I even knew I’d feel better when I ate them, but I just couldn’t do much more than eat a salad once or twice a week.

Now that I’ve welcomed the wonders of vegetables into my life (Brussels sprouts! Cucumbers!), my guilt has shifted.

Now it’s not bringing my lunch to work that makes me feel a tiny bit like a failure. I could be saving so much money! I could be eating healthier!

But then I let myself off the hook by remembering that sometimes I just don’t have time to make my lunch before work, and that, despite many tries, I’ve yet to find a pre-packaged meal that didn’t taste like cardboard and just look sad in its tiny container.

So when I decided to order my first FreshDirect 4-Minute Meal, I didn’t have very high hopes.

Sure, the picture of the Terrance Brennan Fettucine with Shrimp, Tomato Confit, & Creamy Pesto looked delicious.

And sure, Terrance Brennan is a renowned chef (and he looks so friendly!).

But I’ve been fooled before. And microwave shrimp? As I headed to my office’s kitchen, I was so, so scared.

Before I even made it back to my desk, multiple people commented on how good my food looked and smelled.

The true test would be the taste. I stirred, I lifted a forkful to my mouth (after a hunt on multiple floors for a plastic fork), and… I was astonished.

It was GOOD! Amazingly good! The tomatoes were fresh, the pasta was just right. There were garlic cloves (a favorite addition to any dish.) And the shrimp… the shrimp was perfect.

I only had one worry left… that there wouldn’t be enough! But though I could have easily eaten two full servings, I was fairly full afterwards. If you’re dying of hunger and you haven’t eaten all day, you might want to add a fresh roll or a salad, but otherwise you should be fine.

Terrance Brennan and FreshDirect, you’ve renewed my faith in microwave meals, and for that I thank you forever.

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