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People ask me why a registered dietitian should care about sustainable seafood. The heart of the answer is the idea that nothing exists in a vacuum.

Grilled Fish & Vegetables

Grilled Fish & Vegetables

Let me explain: Enjoying a variety of seafood is a great way to benefit from the heart-healthy omega-3 fats that are in all seafood.

Like many health care professionals, I recommend that people enjoy seafood twice a week as part of a heart-healthy diet. Doing so contributes to an increased demand for seafood, for better or for worse.

Since there is seafood out there that is well-managed and caught in environmentally responsible ways, and because it can be confusing to find it, I want to do my best to guide people towards those choices that are good for human health as well as the health of the community and planet.

FreshDirect Seafood Sustainability Chart

New Seafood Sustainability Ratings

That’s why I’ve been working with our seafood managers as well as the experts at Blue Ocean Institute to introduce a new feature that makes it so easy to find the seafood you’re looking for.

Throughout the seafood department, you’ll now see sustainability ratings that make it simple to find the seafood you want, at a glance.

And as always, our Daily Expert Quality Ratings make it easy to see what fish and shellfish is going to be great to make for dinner tomorrow.


For seafood that provides omega-3s, is lower in mercury and scores a better than average sustainability rating, try some of my favorites:

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