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Erica's Impromptu Dinner Party!

Impromptu Dinner Party!

On 2-hour delivery windows and killer green beans!

On the day of my first FreshDirect delivery, I was a bit wary of the two-hour window.

Nothing has a two-hour window. I’ve waited up to six hours for my couch, my cable and the gas man.

If coming to my house within a two-hour window is so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Those were the thoughts running through my mind as I sat drinking coffee with my good friend Adrienne at Cocoa Bar, a cafe a few blocks away. And I think it must have been this bit of disbelief that kept me from checking my watch as frequently as I normally would if I had an appointment.

You can probably tell where this is going — to me frantically scurrying home at 4:15, 15 minutes after my delivery window began and the driver called me to tell me he had arrived.

He came back, luckily, and delivered all the food you saw in my previous post.

I was psyched, and I had my first meal all planned. It would be an enormous bowl of spaghetti, with lots of garlic, fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes. I would pig out.

But, as sometimes happens when you’re hanging out for hours with one of your oldest friends, Adrienne and I decided we weren’t done chatting at dinnertime.

She’s currently cutting down on carbs, so I reversed course and suggested we do turkey burgers and green beans. Then I remembered that another friend had mentioned she might be free that evening, and I texted and invited her (and her houseguest) over.

This was absolutely momentous for me. In my life, I have hosted maybe one or two impromptu dinner parties. In my current apartment, which has zero counter space, I have hosted exactly none. But thanks to FreshDirect, I had all this food, and suddenly playing hostess seemed not only possible but a whole lot easier.

Turkey Burgers and Garlicky Green Beans

Turkey Burgers & Garlicky Green Beans

Sure, I didn’t have anything ready at precisely the same time, and my guests had to serve themselves directly from the stove-top. And when I tried to serve Häagen-Daz lemon ice cream for dessert, I discovered that I only own one spoon. (Turns out I was the only one he wanted any so it didn’t matter, but whether it’s because no one was craving a lemon concoction or because they didn’t want to eat it with a fork is up for debate.)

Yet when they raved about the green beans (cooked simply with olive oil, garlic, and chopped up cherry tomatoes), I basked in the attention — and realized that maybe I’m not such a terrible cook after all!

Do you have a dish that’s so simple you’re shocked other people go nuts for it? Post a note at the FreshDirect Facebook wall!

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