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Penne with Spicy Vodka Sauce

Penne with Spicy Vodka Sauce

Emma’s Saucy Secrets

Want to know my not-so-secret secret? I often over-commit myself.

Last week, for example, I offered to host a dinner for seven people in honor of a friend who was visiting from out of town.

I immediately started polling the FreshDirect Research & Development team on what I should make (admittedly, I’m lucky enough to have insider access to their professional advice!), and they came up with the idea of using our own Marsala Wine & Mushroom Sauce — which is truly to die for.

The party was scheduled for Wednesday, and while I was sure it would take me all night Tuesday to prepare for our dinner party — instead, I just took their advice… and it was brilliant. I was able to prepare everything in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how I did it:

While I sautéed the chicken cutlets, I heated up the sauce and boiled water to cook the Fresh Egg Papardelle.

When the pasta was al dente, the sauce was hot and the cutlets were juicy and cooked through, I combined everything and served it with a green salad. I am telling you… the guests were blown away.

Of course I accepted the compliments on the rich, flavorful sauce with pride, never to disclose that it wasn’t made in my home, it was just heated there.

This isn’t the first time the FreshDirect pasta sauces have saved me. I often use them for quick, easy and elevated weeknight meals for me and my husband.

His favorite is the Green Basil & Pignoli Pesto with Fresh Whole Wheat Fettuccine and whatever vegetables I find in the fridge. I love using the traditional green beans and cubed potatoes, but I also recommend simmering in slices of zucchini, cubes of eggplant and handfuls of fresh arugula.

A more hearty option is the Turkey Bolognese Sauce with the Garofalo whole-wheat penne. Boil it until tender, drain well and grate a little parmesan cheese on top — that’s all you need. And you certainly don’t have to use whole-wheat pasta. Any thick dried or fresh pasta would be good. The combinations are endless!

My advice for the overloaded and overbooked? Browse through the FreshDirect Pasta Sauce category… you might just find that it’s your new secret weapon, too.

Have any saucy ideas of your own? I’d love to hear them! Just drop a note at our Facebook wall.

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