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Corned Beef & Cabbage

Corned Beef & Cabbage

St. Patricks Day: Recipes That Go Beyond Green

For some, St. Patrick’s Day means parades, green beer and pub crawls.

But for those who don’t hit the bars, there’s also a rich tradition of Irish and Irish-American recipes that make St. Pat’s a great “stay home and cook” holiday… no food coloring necessary!

Nearly everyone recognizes the classic Irish potato (though they were actually introduced to Ireland in the 16th century), but Irish cuisine has long relied on a wide variety of ingredients, including wild garlic, kale, scallions, geese and poultry, cured pork and sausages, lamb and mutton, barley, oats, wild berries, hazelnuts and varied aquaculture, ranging from lobsters, cockles and mussels to cod and rich salmon.

Ready to try your hand at something beyond mashed potatoes tinted with green food coloring? We’ve gathered together a few Irish and Irish-American favorites from our One-Click Recipes area:

Still want a bit of the green on your St. Patrick’s Day table? In our St. Patrick’s Day recipe section, you’ll also find a few naturally emerald-toned recipes with bright ingredients like peas and pesto.

If you have other great ideas on what to serve for St. Patrick’s Day, let us know at our Facebook page!

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