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Maggie Moon, MS, RD

Maggie Moon, MS, RD

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally

According to a recent American Heart Association presentation, top sources of added sugar in the American diet are sodas and other sugar-sweetened soft drinks, sugars, candy, cakes, cookies, pies and fruit drinks.

Their recommendations add up to no more than 100 calories from sugar each day for women and no more than 150 calories from sugar each day for men. (That’s about 6 teaspoons of daily sugar for women and 9 teaspoons for men.)

Americans of all ages add too much sugar to their diets, but it’s easy to sate your sweet tooth by watching the portion size of special treats and choosing foods that have naturally occurring sugars.

Need a few ideas? I’ve selected some of my favorite alternatives that will satisfy your sweet tooth naturally.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables with naturally occurring sugars are the best way to satisfy a hankering for something sweet.
  • Enjoy dried fruit on the go. Pick one with no added sugars since fruit is naturally sweet.
  • A modest helping of dark chocolate may have heart health benefits. Just keep the portion sizes in check.
  • Fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt contain natural sugars, making them a sweet choice for healthy eating.
  • When I want a special treat (like chocolate), I like to keep the added sugars to less than 10 grams per serving.

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