Tricks, Treats, and Hallow-EATS

  • No-Bake Kit Kat Bark
  • Create a Spooktacular Halloween Spread
  • Yummy Mummy Pizza Bites
  • Apple Dippers That Beat a Caramel Apple Any Day
  • A Sweet Pumpkin Beer Float

Top 10 President’s Picks: Highlights from October 8-14

Every week, we put out a new list of President’s Picks—it’s a collection of our best offerings, from peak-season produce to must-have grocery brands, all curated by our in-house experts and merchants (and all at reduced prices!). A team from across the company gathers in a room to discuss and sample the spread, sharing what…

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Salmon Collar

Salt-Broiled Ora King Salmon Collars Recipe

Long revered by fisherman and chefs as the best part of the fish, the collar is cut from the fatty area right below the head. It has an exceptionally sweet and rich taste with a lusciously moist texture. Our seafood expert, Mike Kanter, likes to salt-broil the collar and serve with scallions. Get Mike’s recipe after…

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Salmon and Pinapple Skewer

Teriyaki Salmon and Pineapple Skewers Recipe

Nothing beats a good seafood skewer. And when said skewer involves teriyaki salmon and pineapple, well that’s just about as good as life gets. So imagine our excitement when our friends at Ora King Salmon sent us this mouthwatering recipe.

kit kat bark blog

No-Bake Kit Kat Bark

Bye-bye, boring candy—hello, homemade treats! Candy bark is the perfect way to use leftover treats or to create your own one-of-a-kind surprise for your kids and friends. The best part? No oven required! Click through to learn how to make your own Halloween bark.

spooky adult platter blog

Create a Spooktacular Halloween Spread

An easy way to elevate your cheese platters and party spread is to make your food look, well, spooky. With a few ingredients you can make  your meal look like a graveyard, eyeballs, blood, and more. Frighten people to eat!

mummy pizza bites blog 2

Yummy Mummy Pizza Bites

There are no words for how cute and how easy these miniature pizza bites are to make. Four ingredients, 20 minutes, and the yummy returns!

Apple Dippers Blog

Apple Dippers That Beat a Caramel Apple Any Day

Now you can have your apples and eat them, too. For a fun, kid-friendly activity, make these easy-to-eat apple dippers at your Halloween party. Simply dip your favorite apples into chocolate, peanut butter, and your other favorite toppings for an easy twist on a classic fall treat.

Roasted Salmon

Roasted Ora King Salmon & Fennel Salad Recipe

The time has come to step up your salmon game, and we’ve got just the recipe to help you do it. Our friends at Ora King Salmon sent us this mouthwatering recipe created by acclaimed chef Matt Lambert, and it’s so sensational we’ve been salivating ever since!

pumpkin beer float blog

A Sweet Pumpkin Beer Float

Pumpkin beer. Ice cream. A sweet take on a kiddie classic. What’s not to love? Inspired by Gal on a Mission, click through to learn how to make your own beer float just in time for Halloween. (For a kid-friendly version, swap the beer for traditional root beer.)

spiced cider margarita blog

3 Spooky Spirits for Halloween

Our pal Prairie Rose, the spirits genius behind Bit By a Fox, created these three original cocktails just in time for Halloween. Not a fan of All Hallows’ Eve? These will quench your thirst all fall long. After the jump, learn how to create this spiced margarita and two other aperitifs.

bai jamaican blood orange breeze

Bai Jamaica Blood Orange Breeze

Get ready for a Halloween cocktail recipe that’s a little bit creepy but totally delicious. The Bai bubbles gives your first sip a nice little fizz, while the cranberry juice gives the drink a hint of tartness without letting the orange become overwhelming. What else is in this? Get the recipe after the jump!


Learn More About the New Film Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction isn’t just a film. It’s a wakeup call. It illuminates how our daily habits could cause more than half the world’s species to go extinct in the next 100 years—but also shows there is a lot we can all do to stop that from happening. We’re partnering with the film team to raise…

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muffin top sandwich

Get Creative with Muffin Tops

We all know that the top of the muffin is the most delicious part. Whether coated in cinnamon sugar, caked with crumble, or deliciously crisped and brown, the muffin top gives the whole muffin that special something. Some people save the top for last while others don’t even bother baking the bottom half and use…

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brunch boys ice cream

5 Over-the-Top Blue Marble Ice Cream Sundaes You Must Try

The stage: Industry City in Brooklyn. The event: an epic #SundaeShowdown between five bloggers. At stake: a fabulous grand prize—and glory for creating the best sundae featuring FreshDirect ingredients and Blue Marble ice cream. Who took the top honors? And what were the crazy ingredients? (Hint: The winning sundae featured tahini!) Click through to find…

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